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    Cherlene Wilson (also known as CeCie to some) is a London based personality specialist and success coach. She is also an international speaker and published author.


    She is CEO Cherlene Wilson Ltd and co-founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation in Ghana.


    In her professional endeavours, she is passionate about teaching people about their unique personality and how to consciously understand and implement it in their day-to-day lives, relationships and career, so that they can increase their performance and leverage their influence and profits.


    Cherlene is instrumental in raising self-awareness and transformation and takes pleasure in removing growth delaying blockages, enabling people to see the fullness of who they are, to live their most impactful life and understanding their uniqueness,


    Cherlene, is a published author of 21 Insights for Authentic Living and currently writing Pillow Talk: A Practical Approach to Maintaining Sexual Purity, 2nd Edition.


    With a background in psychology and criminology, she has a 5 year diploma from BSSM Leadership School in Redding, California. She is a certified success coach & accredited personality specialist with The Coaching Academy London, and a trained SOZO inner healing practitioner.


    Cherlene is a pescatarian, loves to travel, does a spot of acting from time to time (watch her in an X Factor commercial here) enjoys fishing, has a cat called Blacks and believes that "the stiletto" is God's greatest accessory given to women!!

  • Cherlene's Personality Profile

    "Self-discovery is one of the best discoveries you can make in your lifetime! Know your uniqueness, embrace your destiny!" ~ CW


    I/D - Inspirational ~ Influential ~ Interested in People
    Driven ~ Decisive ~ Determined

    Myers Briggs

    ENFP - Sees life through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism. Always looking for a deeper meaning.

    Strength Finder 2.0

    1. Communication ~ 2. Strategic ~ 3. Belief ~

     4. Adaptability ~  5. Responsibility

    Destiny Finder

    BUILDER - Sees the way things might be, how to make them happen and lead the effort to do so.