• Who is She?

    The Personality Analyst ∙ The Success Coach ∙The Speaker

    "Boxes were created for things, not people!" - CW

    Cherlene Wilson (also known as CeCie to some) is a London based intuitive success coach to CEOs, Entertainment Industry Professionals and Educational Institutions. She is an international speaker, artist and author.


    She is CEO & Founder of CherleneWilson.com™ and The Evolution of Self™. She is Co-Founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation in Ghana and the Resident personal development Coach for theonlywayisghana.com. She believes that “boxes were created for things, not people” and as such societal limitations are to be defied, the pursuit of destiny - ongoing and our full purpose on the planet fulfilled!


    Cherlene, a reformer at heart is an advocate for "Keeping it 100, 100% of the time" - and is known for authenticity! Degreed in Psychology and Criminology from Middlesex University, London and with a 5 year diploma from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, she is a certified success coach & accredited Personality Analyst with The Coaching Academy London, and also a trained Sozo Inner Healing Practitioner from Bethel Church, Redding California.


    Cherlene is a pescatarian, loves to travel, enjoys fishing, has a cat called Blacks and believes that "the stiletto" is God's greatest accessory given to women!!