~ Cherlene Wilson | Certified Personality Analyst

  • Personalities in Leadership 

  • Faith-based Leadership


    This workshop helps to identify and bring clarity to your unique personality blend and teaches how to maximise it in your sphere of influence; whether in-house or marketplace ministry.

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    Entrepreneurial/Corporate Leadership Workshop

    Understanding personal and employee personalities is critical for efficient team dynamics, performance and profitability. This workshop includes individual testing and implementation within the company.

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    Educational Leadership


    Multiple personalities and temprements within the classroom, at best comes with its challenges. This workshop equips teachers with how to understand their learners, predict student behaviour for improved student/teacher relationships.

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  • Personal Coaching

  • ~ One to One

    Using a blended coaching technique - personality profiling, emotional healing (SOZO) and vision & mission discovery. Intuitive Success Coaching takes you on a journey of deep self-discovery and aides in enhancing self-awareness; connecting you to deeper levels of your soul's purpose.


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    ~ SOZO Inner Healing

    SOZO is a unique inner healing tool aimed to get to the root of emotional blockages and anything that hinders your personal connection with God/Source/Universe. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been destined for.


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    ~ Destiny Finder

    Your destiny will be achieved when you combine your gifts with your passion - in other words, doing what you're good at and what you enjoy. Take the tests to identify your Destiny Motivational, Spiritual Orientations in addition to your passions and dreams. As you discover and fulfill your destiny, you will experience maximum fruitfulness and fulfilment in your life.


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    ~ Personality Testing

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  • Vision & Mission 360º™

    Discover the relevance of your life experiences & how to use them to fulfil your purpose and destiny!






    "CeCie not only touches hearts and commands attention when she is on stage, but she has a way of softening the hearts and lives of every person she comes into contact with. CeCie is someone you will never forget."

    ~ Sheri Downs - 1st Year BSSM Teacher | Author, USA

    "Cherlene (CeCe if you prefer) is a confident and clear communicator who we had the privilege of receiving as a guset speaker in our church. She is someone who knows her true identity and ministers out of love!"

    ~ Tim Eldridge - Senior Pastor, Harrogate New Wine Church, England.

    "Cherlene Wilson has lived her message and overcome. Wielding practical knowledge along with a wealth of experience she effectively communicates how to master the art of personal evolution".

    ~ Michelle McKinney-Hammond - Author of The Power of Being A Woman, USA/GHANA

    "CeCie is an authentic, relatable woman who lives her message and leads by example, bringing transformation to individuals and whole communities through her influence."

    ~ Bernadette Ooley - Co Founder BSSM, USA

  • Past Speaking Engagements


    First Aspirations Dinner Party - 17th December 2016, London 

    Influence London, 25th June 2016 - Hilton London, Canary Wharf, London

    Women in Transition, 7th May 2016 - Inspire, London, England

    Ladies Meet-Up: UK Edition​, 1st May 2016 - The Piano Restaurant, London, England

    Pretty Hurts, 2nd April 2016 - Inspire @ St Peters, London, England

    Stephanie Benson's Circle of Friends, 19th March 2016 - Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra Ghana

    Diva's Night, 12th March 2016 - +233, Accra, Ghana

    Black History Month, 20th February 2016 - Rina's, Accra, Ghana

    Breakout To Stand Out, 20th February 2016 - University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

    Flames of Love, 14th February 2016 - Trinity Baptist Church, Accra, Ghana

    #SheHive by She Leads Africa, 22nd January 2016 - One Airport Square - Accra, Ghana


  • Sexual Purity Workshop

    ~ A faith-based workshop for women ~

  • Delivering dynamic, interactive workshops to groups, faith based organisations and educational institutions - globally.

  • Cherlene's Personality Profile

    "Self-discovery is one of the best discoveries you can make in your lifetime! Know your uniqueness, embrace your destiny!" ~ CW


    I/D - Inspirational ~ Influential ~ Interested in People
    Driven ~ Decisive ~ Determined

    Myers Briggs

    ENFP - Sees life through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism. Always looking for a deeper meaning.

    Strength Finder 2.0

    1. Communication ~ 2. Strategic ~ 3. Belief ~

     4. Adaptability ~  5. Responsibility

    Destiny Finder

    BUILDER - Sees the way things might be, how to make them happen and lead the effort to do so.

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