• "Cherlene Wilson has lived her message and overcome. Wielding practical knowledge along with a wealth of experience she effectively communicates how to master the art of personal evolution".

    ~ Michelle McKinney-Hammond - Author of The Power of Being A Woman, USA/GHANA





    "CeCie not only touches hearts and commands attention when she is on stage, but she has a way of softening the hearts and lives of every person she comes into contact with. CeCie is someone you will never forget."

    ~ Sheri Downs - 1st Year BSSM Teacher | Author, USA

    "CeCie has the ability to help you discover keys to understanding your identity, navigate your internal journey into self-awareness and pull out the gems and gold in you all while challenging you and showering you with wisdom and perspective on some of life's biggest questions."

    ~ Alton Buggs II, Music Producer, Songwriter, USA

    "CeCie is an authentic, relatable woman who lives her message and leads by example, bringing transformation to individuals and whole communities through her influence."

    ~ Bernadette Ooley - Co Founder BSSM, USA

    I really needed this, I can’t even express how much through a message, but it was just literally on time. Literally!"

    - F, Anonymous, UK

    'How to Create & Establish Your Purity Plan 101' session

    "Cherlene (CeCe if you prefer) is a confident and clear communicator who we had the privilege of receiving as a guset speaker in our church. She is someone who knows her true identity and ministers out of love!"

    ~ Tim Eldridge - Senior Pastor, Harrogate New Wine Church, England.

    “This is probably one of the first instances where I have heard this topic being discussed in this open and frank manner. It was very refreshing.”

    - M, Anonymous, UK

    'How to Create & Establish Your Purity Plan 101' session

    "Cherlene is a great coach that I

    would recommend. I really appreciate

    her calmness, support and the

    way she helps me make decisions."

    ~ Stefanie 'Luana' Cea | Recording Artist | Vocal Coach, Switzerland


    "I found the V&M360º session confirmation from God and gave me clarity about the people I would like to help. It confirmed the things in my heart and really opened up my eyes to show me how I can include it in my business."

    ~ Nargis Cross - Vision & Mission 360º Client - CEO Nargis Cross Photography, UK

    "CeCie has inspired me to be the

    POWERFUL woman God created me to be in life and in business, with no apologies!"

    ~ Ash Elisè - Serial Entrepreneur | Founder Be The Standard, USA

    "CeCie's wisdom and unique

    insight has helped me to

    overcome many personal obstacles."

    ~ Lauren Evans - CEO Laurel Krown LLC | Grammy Nominated Song Writer, USA

    “I am just so thankful that you did what you did in releasing this. Keep it up...you really are blessing lives, because it’s certainly helping mine.”

    - F, Anonymous, UK

    'How to Create & Establish Your Purity Plan 101' session

    “CeCie gave me eyes to see my life in a way that I had never seen my life before - in the way that God sees me.”

    ~ Tinasha LaRayé - Actress | Poet | Film Maker, USA

    "Everyone needs someone in their life that is equal parts truth teller and cheerleader.

    CeCie is fiercely honest and totally invested in seeing people thrive in their lives."

    ~ Trisha Wheeler - Hollywood Make Up Artist | Founder A Glittery Life, USA

    "Working with Cherlene helped me strategise & leverage on existing resources in a way that took the business to the next level. She is worth her weight in gold! "

    ~ Paris Petgrave CEO and Founder We Love Work™, UK

    "Cherlene has personally championed and inspired me to push past my fears. She will dig beyond your fear and call out who she sees you to be! Today, I am living as that person - I'm living a fearless life."


    ~ Toni Arnold - Founder Pursuit Consulting & Undercover Love, USA

    I’ve never heard sex and purity taught like that. Thank you. And I’ve been in church all my life…”


    - F, Anonymous, UK

    'How to Create & Establish Your Purity Plan 101' session

    "Cherlene has a way of making you believe in your dreams. She rocked my world forever. I took a leap of faith and enrolled in Midwifery School. I am now a Certified Practicing Midwife and have started my very own practice! I did it!”



    ~ Corina Hall CPM, ML | CEO Motherheart Midwifery, USA

    "The best gift any coach could give

    is a sense of liberation

    and that is what Cherlene gave me."


    ~ Alexia Wood - CEO | Writer, UK

    Good gracious Cherlene,
    So helpful! I'm tellin' you, folk need to hear this!
    And thanks for keeping it 100%!"

    - F, Anonymous, Cameroon, Africa

    'How to Create & Establish Your Purity Plan 101' session 

  • Media

    Celebrating Celibacy

    An Interview with Marcia Dixon - The Voice Newspaper, UK

    "It's one thing being told what is required of us, it's another thing entirely to know how to effectively do that void of theory." From my experience and observation..." Read full interview here.

    Stephanie Benson's 'Circle of Friends'

    Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana

    "Stephanie Benson had battled with breast cancer in recent times and she had called what she described as her 'circle of friends' to share some ideas about how to stand strong as women despite life's challenges and push on with their dreams..." Read the full article here. (Cherlene is pictured bottom left in pink doing spoken word).

    'Don't Call Me Beautiful' Exhibition 

    Accra, Ghana

    "Ghanaian photographer Nana Kofi Acquah yesterday opened an exhibition of his work which involves
    work he’s done across the continent over the past decade.

    The exhibition themed 'Don't Call me Beautiful' celebrates the African woman’s resilience." - Auntie Oboshie. Check out Nana's site here.


    She Leads Africa

    ~ #SheHive, Accra, Ghana

    "Participants also heard from two inspirational women, Cherlene Wilson and Beatrice. Wilson, 35, shared her experience with sexual and drug abuse and her journey to self empowerment and purpose, and vowed to mentor and support Beatrice. Beatrice, 20, shared her fear of loneliness..." Bridget Boakye. Read the full article here.

    The Real Love Show with Patricia Benjamin 

    ~ Ruach Radio, London, England

    "Speaking with Intuitive Success Coach on abstinence, celibacy and porn. She shares her story of equating sex with love and how this came about." - Patricia Benjamin. Hear the show here.



    ~ An interview with Magnify Magazine, London, England 

    "We sat down with Cherlene Wilson to speak about Courage." - Magnify

    Kingdom Culture with Paris Petgrave

    Ruach Radio, London, England 

    Listen to Kingdom Culture Radio Show: The Realities of Life, Christian Living & Emotional Healing with Paris Petgrave & Cherlene Wilson here.

    Puerility Vol. 1 Presents: Girl Talk, Guy Talk #1

    ~ YouTube via Los Angeles, United States 

    "We're kicking off some fun interviews with men and women that are learning how to live life well! Come and join us on this episode as we talk about Being Single, Honoring Men, Healing and Restoration." - Patrice Patrick 

    The Power of Forgiveness

    ~ Kris & Jason Vallotton Book Promotion, Bethel Church, USA

    Jason Vallotton thought his world was burning down around him when he found out that his wife, Heather, was having an affair and planned to leave him. Using his own story as a poignant, evocative illustration of God's grace and healing, Jason, along with his dad, Kris Vallotton, invites you to reframe your understanding of redemption. Buy the book here

    Dear Men...I'm Sorry! Women: Time for Change!

    "Women: Each one of us has been guilty of cutting men down with our words/actions in some way, at some point(s) in our lives! We can all do a better job at using our words to encourage, comfort and raise men up!! Let's say "NO" to emasculation and "YES" to using our words wisely!" - CW

  • Camera, Lights, Action

    I kinda act from time to time - The Actress



    X Factor 2014 Trailer 

    Keep your eyes peeled! You'll see a white haired warrior stood behind Mel B (19 secs) and running towards you (37 secs). 

    Man Down

    A Channel 4 comedy staring Greg Davis.


    Cherlene plays a mother who has mental illness and heroine & alcohol addiction, in her 4th theatre production.

    London Fields

    Cherlene on set with Billy Bob Thornton. Staring Amber Heard & Jim Sturgess. 

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